Video: Bovi’s Daughter’s Adorable Reaction to Daddy’s Prank

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Children are really the most honest people you can find. Comedian Bovi Ugboma recently displayed a bit of his cool dad personality again on Instagram, pulling off the touching story prank on his 7-year old daughter Elena. Bovi started by promising Elena that the video was for a chance for her to win a trip to Disneyland.

bovi and his daughter flip the switch in hilarious video
Bovi and Elena Doing the Flip the Switch Challenge

An excited Elena was all smiles at first when her Dad proceeded with saying her name and age. But that smile soon faded after her Dad frivolously revealed some contentious information, including insinuating she once stole in college and got expelled. Her countenance quickly revealed the shock she felt at what Bovi was saying- Bovi’s plan had worked.

Perhaps the poor girl couldn’t bear any of her Dad’s shenanigans any longer; in the next slide, she was already crying before Bovi explained to her that it was only a prank. However, it’s her honest and adorable reaction to Bovi’s claim that she wees on the bed that made the video such an adorable one:

Check it out below:

Bovi is married to Kris Asimonye Ugboma, together the have three children Elena, Chu Chu and David Ugboma.

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