Watch intriguing teaser of Nnamdi Kanaga’s upcoming short film “They Chose the Sea”

They chose the sea
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US-based Nigerian actor, writer, director, and producer Nnamdi Kanaga has dropped a teaser for his upcoming project, a short film titled “They Chose the Sea”.

The project which will be mass funded was first announced by Kanaga in April this year. It is a historical feature that follows the tragic story of the Igbo landing mass suicide in 1803.

The teaser opened to an exposition of the historic tragedy before an intriguing scene of a young man, apparently in modern day, who runs into a gathering of shackled slaves.

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Nnamdi Kanaga During an Interview to Mark the Premiere of His Film “Hail Mary”

It’s not clear if both events are in real time however, but Kanaga who also stars in the film delivered an impressive monologue in Igbo about how they have chosen death over slavery. The speech ends with “Mmo miri duru anyi bia, Mmo miri g’edu anyi ala.” In english that translates to “The gods of the sea brought us here, the gods of the sea will take us home.”

According to the fast-rising director, “They Chose the Sea” will celebrate the bravery of the Igbo people, highlighting their strength to “chose the protection of their gods, and death over the alternative of life and slavery in a foreign land.”

“This project is not a counter against the horrendous and cataclysmic effects of slavery upon black people in America (still going on till this very day), but a very conscious effort to showcase the strength and power of our ancestors as opposed to the predominant narrative of suffering and oppression often associated with films about slavery,” Kanaga added.

Catch the intriguing teaser below:

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