Watch Trailer for Upcoming Red TV Feature Film ‘Unintentional’

You can stream ‘Unintentional’ for free on Red TV;s website from December 26.

Red TVs Unintentional

African streaming platform Red TV, on Monday December 20 debuted a trailer for their first ever and upcoming feature film titled ‘Unintentional’.

Unintentional is a romantic drama written by Zeina Otonjo, with direction from Olufemi Bamigbetan. The interesting trailer sheds light on the movie’s plot- the romance between Uzo and Sefi, characters portrayed by Efa Iwara and Omowunmi Dada respectively.

Unintentional also stars Kate Henshaw, Tobi Bakre, Tina Mba, and Beverly Osu, and is produced by Obinna Okerekeocha. The film will premiere on Red TV’s streaming platform on Sunday, December 26 2021.

Watch the trailer below.

For now, contents on Red TV is free to stream, meaning you do not need a subscription to watch Unintentional on Boxing Day 2021. Enjoy!

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