Watch Trailer of Upcoming Netflix Romance, “Devotion”

“Devotion” will arrive Netflix on the 14th of February.


“Devotion” is an upcoming Netflix original movie about love, desire, and betrayal. It’s another Netflix foreign language romantic/erotic movie from the studio after the likes of “365 Days,” with Valentine’s Day 2022 in mind. “Devotion” stars Michele Riondino (Carlo) and Lucrezia Guidone as Margherita, two people crazily in love until they discover they have other passions.

The original synopsis for “Devotion” reads,

“Carlo (Michele Riondino) and Margherita (Lucrezia Guidone) are very much in love but something creeps into their relationship and leads them to doubt everything, even themselves. Will they be able to manage the consequences of their choices?”

“Devotion” will arrive Netflix exactly on February 14, 2022, but first watch the captivating trailer below.

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