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Asa and Wizkid finally quenched our thirst for a collaboration., as they link up on the track “IDG” off the Parisan born’s fifth studio album “V.” Keep reading to find out what we think about the record.

Did you know popular Nigerian singing sensation, guitarist, and rapper Asa’s real name is Bukola Elemide? Yeah. Girl was born in Paris to Nigerian cinematography students, initially spending 2 years in the French capital before returning to Lagos.

When she turned 20, she went back to Paris, and that’s where her music actually began. That’s why her sound and style fluctuate- because they are influenced by both African and European culture.

Asa recently released her fifth studio album entitled “V” an ostensible roman numeral reference to the position of the project in her discography.

“V” is a ten-track project and has been lauded by critics, including Media Rants for its varying sounds and cross-genre. Really that’s something we’ve come to love and always expect from the dynamic singer.


One record on the album that was hugely anticipated was “IDG (I Don’t Go)” featuring the multi-award-winning, globetrotting Baba Nla, Big Wiz, or the more popular eponym Wizkid.

Nobody can say otherwise, both Asa and Wizkid are regarded as some of the best vocalists to ever come straight out of Naija. If someone told you they blew from a talent show, you’s not be mad as to doubt. That’s how talented they are.

However, after a long wait for the two giants to unite in the studio, the performance was modest, honestly. The two sing over a Caribbean-inspired sound, but while the beat is great, the lyrics are- the lyrics don’t quite live up to Asa’s standards.

Wizkid GQ3

Take the performance with Cavemen, “Good Times” for instance, it had several meaningful and quotable lyrics, and is one of the standout moments of “V.”

Could it have been Wizkid’s influence? Perhaps. But make no mistake, if this was a performance two less significant artist, it’d be regarded as a very impressive performance.

Or maybe our expectations were just too high. Nonetheless, Asa and Wizkid will remain two of the finest Nigerian musicians of their time. #Fact

You can stream Asa’s “V” here.

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