COVID-19: When Can I get the Vaccine in Nigeria?

When can Nigerians get Vaccinated for COVID 19
When can Nigerians Get Vaccinated for COVID 19 2 1

The first batch of the Astrazeneca-Oxford vaccines have finally arrived Nigeria. Manufactured in Mumbai, India, only about 4 million doses were shipped, with more set to arrive in the coming days. But if you’ve been cracking your head concerning how the vaccines are going to be distributed, given that we are well over 190 million people, here are key details you should know.

  • 5th March: Official programme launch; frontline health workers vaccination begins.
  • 6th March: National leaders, including the president gets vaccinated.
  • 12th March: Vaccines arrive at State level, state governors are expected to receive their jabs and set the tone for vaccination.

Who can get Vaccinated for now?

Frontline Health Workers:

Frontline workers refer to doctors, nurses, and all who and give care to millions of people in health facilities. They are the backbone of every health system. This is mainly to enable them work without fear of infection or death due to COVID-19.

Elderly People

The next group of persons marked as priority are people aged 65 years and above. Various written and eyewitness reports have told us that COVID can be fatal among these people. Therefore, If you have loved ones who fall into this age bracket, ensure that they register with the health center near them, and the date and venue for the vaccination would be communicated in due course.

When can Nigerians get Vaccinated for COVID 19
President Muhamadu Buhari, receiving his COVID-19 vaccine
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People with Chronic Medical Conditions, such as Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, etc.

These conditions often have no cure and are rather managed for a long time, that is why they are can also be referred to as underlying medical conditions. When a person with one or more of these conditions is infected with COVID-19, it is very easy for them to develop pneumonia, require hospitalization, and sometimes, intensive care. Those who fall into this category are advised to visit their nearest health center for more information.

After majority of these people have been vaccinated, adults aged 18 and above can now get theirs, as more shipments arrive. All they have to do is register and comply with the appropriate authorities.

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