iPhone vs Android: comparing values of used devices

why should I buy an iPhone
why should I buy an iPhone

Maybe you used to be a Tecno guy back in the 2010’s, or even the budget smartphone guy from flagship companies like Samsung, Sony, Motorola, etc. However, you make more bucks now and your budget for gadgets like smartphones, smart-gears, and laptops have gone up but, you still have a problem deciding on which flagship to buy.

I can tell you it’s not an easy decision to make, sometimes, even for experts like myself. 😊 Many die-hard android people may eventually settle for Samsung, yes, Samsung still makes the best android phones asides the Google pixel. For some other people, it’s a matter of “Priceeconomics.” These people that worry about prices and values are most likely to make the best decisions on which smartphone to invest in.

Why you should view buying smartphones as investments

The thing with technology is that there’s a steady transition or transformation; and with many companies forming part of the Android coalition, there’s always going to be price competition and a quicker devaluation of products. For instance, a Samsung flagship device with a Snapdragon 850 processor may find its match in Huawei device that’s probably going for a lesser price. The caveat is that if the Samsung device was released and purchased first, its resale value is likely to drop with the release of each equivalent device.

But then there is the Apple iPhone series, very much their own competition, especially among die-hard iPhone users. In fact it is widely acknowledged that android phones sell more units than iPhones because of price, of course, most iPhones are flagship devices, built to compete with the best phones in the market as at their time of release. With longer software support, tailored software-hardware compatibility, the resale value of an iPhone rarely budges.

why should i buy an iPhone 2

Why is this so?

For instance, the iPhone 7, released in September of 2016 with starting price at N168,000 (worst USD-NGN rates in 2016) for the 32gig version, presently sells at N75,000. That’s a 44% drop in value after 5 years. Although I didn’t take the present USD-Naira rates into consideration, there is no need when you remember that Samsung galaxy S7 was released in the same year, although in February and today goes for an average resale value of N40,000. Note that the galaxy S7 started at around N130,000 and that is about a 70% drop in value after 5 years.

Asides software support, premium components, and feel, another thing to consider is that “Apple” makes the iPhone, and as a brand, its value dies-hard. And that’s why many people still flaunt their iPhone 6 today after 6 years. It would be quite interesting to know what your opinions or decisions might be after reading this. Would you spend huge money on that flagship android device which sells at about the same rate as its iPhone equivalent and lose money on the long run? Or would you rather buy an iPhone and feel more financially secure when upgrading to another device? Tell us in the comment section below.

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