Davido’s New Trend: Genius of Folly?

Renowned Nigerian singer Davido started a new trend on social media. He asked his fans to send him money if they’ve enjoyed his music over the years and they’ve since come through with a bunch of donations over the course of the last 24 hours.

Since he shared his account number online with a rallying call of loyalty and support from his fans, Davido is officially over N130,000,000 richer. Several musicians including MI, Rema, and MC Galaxy were part of the people who sent money to the award-winning singer’s account.

At first, his goal was to hit 100 million Naira. He said that he needed the money to clear his Rolls-Royce, and he met his goal, surpassing that amount. He’s still going too, telling people that there’s no end in sight and encouraging them to continue sending him money.

However, the new trend has gone beyond Davido, with other Nigerian celebrities now following in the ‘Assuran’ act’s footstep. It has also divide opinions among people who question whether it’s the right thing to do, given financial difficulties in the country and that Davido’s net-worth is pegged at around 12 billion naira (25 million USD) by google.

What do you think about the new trend? Is it a genius way to raise money to clear a luxurious car or do you think Davido went a step too far asking fans for money? We’d like to hear your opinion in the short poll below.

  • Davido’s New Trend: Genius of Folly?

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