Is culture a deal breaker in marriage?

Cultural differences have always played a major role, many times, a deciding factor in marriages all around the world.
And often more than we accept, these differences (beliefs, race, ethnicity) become a huge pill to swallow even in a love bound union.

A tweet recently shared by a lady, now divorced revealed how cultural clashes led to the end of her marriage.

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This has people on the bird app discussing on the role culture has played in their various unions.

However, we’ll like to know, how much of a dealbreaker is culture in marriage for you?

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    Would you be willing to tolerate your partner’s cultural differences?

    • Culture is learnt, it doesn’t matter
    • I wouldn’t be able to, I’m sorry
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    As a Nigerian, can you marry from a tribe different from yours?

    • Yes, sure
    • No way!

What do you think?

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