12 Days of Christmas Trivia: Day 1

12 Days of Christmas

Christmas season is always a fun season for everyone. How convenient it was to put arguably the world’s most widely celebrated holiday towards the end of the year. Genius, right!

Imagine if we had to do Christmas in the middle of the year, it’d probably be fun but we certainly wouldn’t have known the limits of the celebration if there was no December-25th-Christmas.

Including today, there are 12 days until Christmas, and to get you in the festive mood, we’re putting together a string of 12 Christmas trivia to see how well you’ve gotten with the holiday.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you chocolate or candy to enjoy along with our quiz, but feel free to give yourself a treat if you perform well. You can also check our Instagram page @themediarants, you never know, you might just get lucky and land a treasure.

Good luck and merry quiz-mas.

  • Question of

    Which of these Santa’s reindeer has a red nose?

    the personalities of santas reindeer
    • Cupid
    • Rudolph
    • Dancer
    • Dasher
  • Question of

    Which of these families forgot their son at home during Christmas?

    Home Alone
    • The McCallisters
    • The Cullens
    • The Mikaelson’s
    • The Fuji’s
  • Question of

    Complete these lyrics from the popular Christmas song Little Drummer Boy: ‘I have no gift to bring……….’

    Little Drummer Boy
    • ‘So to honour him’
    • ‘Pa rum pum pum pumo’
    • ‘Little baby’
    • ‘Then he smiled at me’
  • Question of

    What’s the name of the famous Christmas snowman?

    • Justin
    • Frosty
    • Nicholas
    • Dustin
  • Question of

    Who once infamously stole Christmas?

    The gRINCH
    • Green The Troll
    • Lucifer
    • The Grinch
    • The Christmas Troll

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