12 Days of Christmas Trivia: Day 8

santa facts

Apart from new clothes, toys, and decorations, kids love Christmas because it’s the other time of the year apart from their birthdays that they can just about get whatever they desire. Whereas adults love Christmas because it’s always a time to connect with friends and relatives; enjoy a couple of recipes together and catch up with each others lives, as well as old times.

One thing that makes Christmas special, of course, is that spirit of GIVING and SHARING that comes with it. So as you celebrate, remember to make this important Christmas theme a highlight.

Definitely, not everyone will have what it takes to be merry this period. And it’s left for those privileged people to find someone needy, and give or share something with them this holiday. It could be food items, it could be clothes, it could be shoes, it could be cash, it could even be cooked food.

Nonetheless, lets see how well you perform in today’s Christmas trivia. Remember, we just want to make sure you’re in the Christmas spirit.

Merry quiz-mass once more.

  • Question of

    Where does Santa famously live?

    santa facts
    • Santaland
    • America
    • South Pole
    • North Pole
  • Question of

    Who is the author of the famous Christmas book ‘A Christmas Carol’?

    A Christmas Carol scaled 1
    • Dr Seuss
    • Charles Dickens
    • Ebeneezer Scrooge
    • Jim Carrey
  • Question of

    Traditionally, what is often placed at the top of a Christmas tree?

    Feliz Navidad
    • Angel or Star
    • Lights
    • Balls
    • Bells
  • Question of

    Which Christmas goodies is shaped according to the staff of the shepherds that visited baby Jesus?

    Jesus Birth
    • Candy canes
    • Tinsel
    • Christmas M&Ms
    • Gingerbread
  • Question of

    In the 12 Days of Christmas song, what is given on the 8th day?

    christmas carol
    • 8 Maids a-milking
    • 8 Bells a-ringing
    • 8 Men a-dancing
    • 8 Sheep a-maaing

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