Finish this lyrics as a true Adekunle Gold fan

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Happy Birthday AG Baby!

In celebration of Adekunle Gold who turns 35 today, January 28th, 2022, we decided to curate this in appreciation of his remarkable talent and his chart topping hits.

Is AG Baby really your baby if you cannot finish these lyrics?

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    Sheba O Sheba, No make me pull the trigger….

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    • Drunk on your portion
    • Never say never
    • Don’t wanna be a sore loser
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    Love is not enough baby…

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    • Pelu sweet melody
    • Love me or you hate me
    • Come to me molowo
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    I don taya for play play…

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    • Think say na you go hold me down
    • You should be walking beside me
    • we coulda been something different, oh
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    Oya now, shout out to my one and only…

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    • Shout out to my orente
    • Sey you no go leave me
    • Na you be alobam
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    Original, original Don dada (AG)….

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    • Dem dey underrate man
    • Mo ni’ogo, won ro go
    • Gimme that, gimme that bop
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    Many Saturday don pass and I never marry …

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    • Baba don’t leave me hanging
    • Oluwa provide a boo oh!
    • I don go wedding tire
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    Throwing tantrums from bungalow boda ode…

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    • It is not your fight, stand down
    • I dey my penthouse, you can’t even reach me
    • Monikulopo I don’t care for your hate

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