How well do you know Rema’s bangers? Guess the song these lyrics were taken out from

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With Rema’s recent single, “Calm down” making waves and gaining massive airplays on several digital platforms, we’ve decided to task his true fans to see if they truly know the singer’s ‘bangers’.


Guess the song these lyrics were taken out from.

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    I go America, go London, me I never see before…

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    • Rainbow
    • Ginger
    • Dumebi
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    Your body high me like lean when we do it skin to skin…

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    • Soundgasm
    • Dimension
    • Bounce
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    Amaka body sweet pass hot eba..

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    • Bad Commando
    • Why
    • Lady
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    I see this fine girl for my party, she wear yellow..

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    • Corny
    • Calm down
    • American love
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    My people suffer, political poker..

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    • Rewind
    • Spaceship Jocelyn
    • Alien
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    Biggie baka wey Dey make a bad man shout Oroma..

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    • Woman
    • Beamer
    • Love in the morning
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    When I day hustle for the street on a low..

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    • Afro jigga
    • Peace of mind
    • Bad Commando

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