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IWD’s QUIZ: Only True Fans of Nigerian Female Artists Will Get 8/10 in this Trivia

Happy IWD 2022!!

Happy International Women’s Day to all the strong, fierce, tired, weighed down, dejected, sapped, resilient, brave, independent, ambitious, tenacious, and inspiring women around the globe.
You are beautiful even in your lowest moments.

In celebration of International Women’s Day #BreakingTheBias campaign, we’ve curated this quiz on Nigerian female music stars.

Guess the female Afrobeats star’s song these lyrics were taken out from.

PS: The answers are right in front of you.

  • Question of

    Tired of getting it wrong, this won’t be another heartbreak song

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    • Lova Lova
    • Somebody’s son
    • Dangerous Love
  • Question of

    I can not wait to see you, you’re the treasure I’ve been waiting for..

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    • Ayo
    • Joromi
    • Duduke
  • Question of

    I wanna wake up in a Lamborghini, chop life in Santorini…

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    • Billionaire
    • Hustle
    • Case
  • Question of

    You know what I mean, you know I need it..

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    • Maradona
    • Addicted
    • Too Sweet (O Dun)
  • Question of

    I still remember back in December was the hottest winter..

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    • Yolo Yolo
    • Gimme Love
    • Right Now
  • Question of

    When you smile, you open up my heart, When you walk, you open up the door…

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    • Kissing
    • Johnny
    • Oh My Gosh
  • Question of

    I have gone on my knees and I pray to my God above, For someone who’s compatible..

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    • In the Music
    • Serious Love Nwantiti
    • For my baby
  • Question of

    Say na only stone filled deep inside, I didn’t have a heart..

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    • I wish
    • Coco Baby
    • One Naira
  • Question of

    He used to be my everything, Treated me like I was a queen..

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    • Eye Adaba
    • Jailer
    • Bibanke
  • Question of

    Open your eyes, open your eyes babe, can you be wise, cause you’re my pride babe..

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    • Try Me
    • Damages
    • Essence

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