QUIZ: Complete These Ayra Starr Song Lyrics To Prove You’re A True Fan

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Are you truly a Bloody Samaritan if you cannot complete these Ayra Starr lyrics?

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    Anything wey won sup go sup…

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    • Anything they wan talk , they talk
    • If I cast then I cast, yeah
    • I come this life all alone, yeah
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    Vibe killer, Bloody Samaritan…

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    • If you get yawa, come on, go and sit down
    • Protect my energy from your bad aura
    • My pastor talk say, make I stay far away
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    So when you gonna understand…

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    • You can never be the man I stan
    • That you can never flex me with your muscles
    • That you can never be the one I like
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    See the way I dey beg you…

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    • Shey you dey use me dey play ni
    • She bambi allah mo je ni
    • You just dey go, you no dey answer me
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    So why can’t I fantasize…

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    • Cause I need you in front of me when I stop sleeping
    • Cause I want you by my side when I stop dreaming
    • I would hold you so tight like a Romeo

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