The next Millionaire? This Quiz will tell if you’re destined for riches!

the next millionaire

We’re all guilty of fantasising about the posh life.

Private planes, yachts, Rolls Royces, designer handbags – who wouldn’t want to experience a few of the finer things in life, if only for a day?

While many of us will never see endless amounts of zeros in our bank accounts, some of you may already be well on your way to becoming mega-earners,  you just don’t know it yet.

This quiz will tell if you’re on the path to riches – answer the eight questions as honestly as possible and find out what lies in wait for you.

  • Question of

    How much importance did you place on doing well at school?

    • A lot! I always wanted to do well at school and I did!
    • I tried hard but it just didn’t come naturally to me.
    • I did ok but now I wish I tried a lot harder.
    • It never mattered to me. I was more concerned with having a great time.
  • Question of

    Do you have a habit of finding problems easier when other people find them difficult?

    • Yes – I pride myself on my ingenuity and creativity.
    • Sometimes.
    • No, I’m usually the person who has to ask for help.
    • Not particularly.
  • Question of

    Select the person you look up to the most?

    • Tiwa Savage
    • Dangote
    • Linda Ikeji
    • Pretty Mike
    • Kim Kardashian
    • Top 10 Influential Women in Nigeria 2021 1 Ngozi Okonjo Iweala
  • Question of

    How do you feel about work?

    workingity 5 hsoqzd
    • I can’t get enough of it – nothing beats hard work!
    • I don’t mind it at all really.
    • Nobody likes work do they?
    • I HATE every minute of it!
  • Question of

    What word best describes your personality?

    • Ambitious
    • Indifferent
    • Lazy
    • Driven
    • Carefree
  • Question of

    Choose a hobby

    • big idea
      Working on my BIG idea
    • drinking
    • studying
    • sleeping
    • Coding
    • PArtying
  • Question of

    How do you typically handle rejection or knock-backs in life?

    • They can often knock my confidence and put me off trying things.
    • They don’t usually affect me.
    • They are hard to take but I always learn from my mistakes.
    • Rejection is part of life! If anything they spur me on to do better!.
    • I take them to heart a lot of the time.
  • Question of

    If you made quite a lot of money what would you do with it?

    swimming in money
    • Go to the club and spend it all, obviously.
    • I’d buy all my friends and family a load gifts!
    • Invest it all and try and make a profit.
    • I wouldn’t spend a penny – I’m extremely frugal.
    • I’d spend some of it but save the majority of it.

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