You: The 4th Season Of The Hit Netflix Show Is Currently In Production


You has a strange title. But if you’re a fan of the Netflix series about Joe, a serial killer with extreme attachment issues to his love interests, you’d agree the show is aptly titled. It’s also pretty popular on Netflix. So chances are, after the heavy showdown between Joe and Love in season 3, you’ve already been wondering when the next season will be available. Good news – the 4th season of You is currently in production.

The show took to its official social media handles to break the news to the excitement of fans the world over.

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Nothing concrete is known about the 4th season yet, but if the first three seasons are anything to go by, fans should expect to see a Joe Goldberg obsessed with a new love interest, more deaths, and (maybe) a bit of redemptive arc for our antihero protagonist.

The final moments of You season 3 saw Joe finalize things with his even more psychotic wife, Love, set his house on fire to fake his death, then move to Paris to start a new life. Joe in Paris has a nice ring to it. Time will tell all the many havocs this hopeless romantic will wreck on his new home.

There is no release date for You season 4 yet.

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