Your 2021 Guide to All Things Jeans

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It’s a denim affair

I never shy away from a shopping opportunity…all shopaholics can attest to my plight 😊. Now, when I get the opportunity to shop for new jeans? I become absolutely ecstatic. So, if you’re a jean-frantic shopaholic like me, you’d be absolutely mind blown with these 2021 jean trends I’ll be dropping for you.

90s Baggy Fit Jeans

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Baggy Fit

Though Gen Z’s might be the in generation right now, 90s fashion seems to be making a comeback. So if you’re thinking of sprucing your jeans collection, investing in a pair of 90s inspired baggy fit is a no-brainer.

High Rise Flare Jeans

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High Rise Flare

Following the whole 90s inspired fashion, high-rise flare jeans are a must-have for all my curvy, endowed ladies. This pair of jeans add a balanced feel to your outfit. Warp+Weft’s have some inclusive and on-trend styles you can choose from.

Patterned Jeans

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Patterned Jeans

This summer, add some flair to your closet with patterned jeans wears. You can either go all-out-crazy with an all-print style or stay conservative with jeans that have a subtle embroidery style.

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