You’re Stupid For Claiming My House – China-Based Man Attacks Blogger Blessing Okoro

The blogger has now come under blasts by the China-based real owner of the home.

Nigerian blogger Okoro Blessing completes a 7 bedroom duplex 1

At present, the now trending Blogger, Blessing Okoro is under keen attack by the alleged real owner of the home she claims is her own.

A few days ago, Nigerian blogger, Blessing Okoro had taken to social media to show off her newly completed 7-bedroom duplex which she claims she built from ground up 8 years after her ex-husband threw her out of his house.

The blogger has now come under blasts by the China-based real owner of the home.

The house which is reportedly located at Republic Layout, Bricks Estate, Enugu State is in the neighbourhood of the blogger, Blessing.

According to a voice note sent to Instablog by the China-based owner, yesterday, he called the blogger “stupid” for using his house to deceive people on Instagram.

They also reported that two residents of estate also stated that Blessing only went to the house to take pictures and proceed to the uncompleted house beside it to take another picture which she passed across as “before and after” pictures.

The blogger is yet to respond to this claim.

Okoro Blessing Nkiruka is a Nigerian relationship blogger and Break up or Makeup CEO. The blogger had before now, shared a touching story of how she thought marriage was happiness and begged her husband to take her back even after she was domestically abused.

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